our pastors

  • John Stephenson, Lead Pastor

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  • Ross Talbert, Associate Pastor

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  • Marquice Hobbs,

    Associate Pastor

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Our Staff

  • Amber Herrmann

    Faith School

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  • Mindy Standlee

    Children's Ministry

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  • Patrick Brown

    Contemporary Worship

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  • Todd King

    Traditional Worship

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  • Linda O'Donnell

    Youth Director

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  • Nathanial Matis

    Assoc. Youth Dir.

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  • Cindy Wenz

    Worship Arts

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  • Susan Evans


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  • Ted Smith


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  • Paula Ledger


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  • Amanda Ashley


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  • Joan Myskowski


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We exist to connect people with

the grace of jesus.

We belong to God, to each other and to this community.  We believe in grace, hope and life eternal.  We believe that the good news of Jesus is for everyone and changes everything.  All that we do is done to connect people to the life-changing love God revealed and offered in Jesus.

Our Beliefs

As a part of The United Methodist Church, Faith UMC stands in the broad tradition of the Christian faith, founded in the bedrock belief of the early church that Jesus Christ is Lord.  We likewise confess our belief in the Triune God consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Bible as the Word of God by which our lives are to be both informed and measured.  We believe that the true church of Jesus Christ extends far beyond our own denominational identity and we gladly join in love and in mission wherever possible with our sisters and brothers who may be a part of other expressions of the Body of Christ.

For the full text of our beliefs, please click here If you would like to talk about what we believe and why, please contact us and we would love to visit with you!

Our Vision

We at Faith Church see our community growing in number and depth. We see generations gathering together to eat, laugh, learn and worship. We see committed followers of Jesus alongside people who are curious about God. We see people moving from being receivers to sharers of grace, from being blessed to being a blessing, from watching to worshiping, from passive to active discipleship. We see a church focused on the impact God calls it to have on individuals, families and the community.