stories of faith

Each of us has a story that tells of God’s presence within our daily lives...

but many of us never think that, by telling our stories we may encourage, inspire or enlighten others in their faith-walk.  However, with the efforts and talents of writer and fellow church member, Mark Troth, we hope to shine a light on these stories of faith. 

Articles will be posted below, but can also be found in our weekly emails as they are published.

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    Rick Wertz is a father. I would venture to say that he is an exceptional father, with all the love, strength and passion that most fathers would aspire to match. But almost 25 years ago, at a time in Rick’s life when anyone outside of his immediate family would have seen a successful, driven professional - “a man on the rise”, he experienced an awakening, one that would take him on a path of ministry and influence that touches hundreds of fathers every year in our community and beyond.

    I met Rick one evening, a week or so ago in the FUMC foyer, after reaching out to him and asking if I could learn more about his Faithful Fathering initiative. My desire was to write an article, focusing not as much on the mission statement of his organization, but more on his personal inspiration and motivation – in other words, what makes a man walk away from a promising engineering and operational management career with an industry leading oil and gas drilling services conglomerate, to start a faith-based fathering initiative. (Picture: Rick & Linda Wertz)    Read more...


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